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  • Technology has always been a fast growing field and it is a well known fact that the culture of our society and living will soon depend on the likes of robotics. The brain behind putting together artificial intelligence to make machines work on a real-time interface is the key to our future.
  • Robotics is a prosperous field in our era and there is always scope for tremendous growth.
  • Our company aims to end the impartial thoughts of people who tend to think that robotics is a challenging field to pursue by setting up a Research and Development Centre that can be used by everyone who wishes to gain an insight in this field.

Our Approach

  • Research & Development: A detailed analysis will be done before beginning the process of developing a product.
  • Institute to the Lab: The partakers are explained about the machines in detail and safety measures are taken.
  • Familiarize with the equipment: Elaborate measures are taken to make sure everyone knows how to use the machines before beginning.
  • Concept Development, Testing & Prototyping: Ideas are initiated, improved and tested upon before designing a prototype.
  • Product Development: The prototype is further developed into a real-time product with the respective interfaces used.


  • This portal’s intended audience are students and enthusiastic people who want to build up their career in the domains they prefer with respect to the technologies with the help of the Mentors.
  • The purpose of H-Labs is to provide the whole information of a particular technology within the portal and also provide various components required for performing any project in that field there by assign mentors who can support the maker by giving him tasks and related projects thereby guide him so that a maker gets a clear idea of each and every step he performs.
  • This portal also encourages new ideas from makers and will be validated through Forums where makers and mentors communicate with each other about the ideas and share their opinions.


  • The lab being used will primarily be functioning on industrial robotics and its applications.
  • It is a well known fact that industrial robots are often used to perform dull, tedious or unsuitable tasks for humans.
  • A common application would be the use of a conveyor belt for packing, loading, palletizing, part selection, etc.
  • In food industry, an industrial robot would be used to pack edibles. The articles will be placed on a conveyor belt where quality material is accepted whereas spoilt material is rejected off the conveyor belt.
  • Another application would be in welding in different forms such as arc welding, laser beam, plasma welding, spot, resistance welding, etc.


  • Research and Development play a critical role in the innovation process. It leads to a future in technological capabilities of the company which are transformed into products and processes.
  • Instead of being the investor which is typically the case with most companies, we become the company that others invest in.
  • The growth and scope in R&D is always abundant and this will always give us a competitive advantage over others.
  • It brings in the intention to produce our own designs before client approach, thereby reducing our dependency on other suppliers in the same market.
  • Our budget-friendly methods make it all the more favorable.
  • Entirely capable of customizing products up to the tiniest details.