Who we are

H-Bots Robotics is the brainchild of entrepreneur PSV Kisshhan whose vision started off as a dream to pursue Robotics. After being in industry for two years, H-Bots Robotics established itself in March 2017. In today's competitive world, organizations are struggling to stand first and get its benefits. In India, in the recent years, Robotics has slowly been settling into a fine position with many innovative trends. It has multiple streams and platforms and research into the functionality and potential use of robots has seen a lot of action especially for various practical purposes domestically, commercially and for the military.

Our talented engineers are consistently committed to pushing the barrier between our ideas and real-time implementation not just in the field of security & law enforcement, but also packaging, manufacturing, FMCG, pharmaceutical and industrial automation. India, being a manufacturing hub catering for the world will give us the necessary edge to propel our technology with Robotic solutions for stark growth in this sector in the country.