Who we are

We intend to evolve the Indian industry to become globally competitive by enforcing cutting-edge technology which will be researched upon in our very own R&D labs which will soon be established in around 50 locations around the country. These labs will be accessible to everyone who wishes to ameliorate their understanding in this field. Our founder, Mr.Kisshhan PSV is an avid robotics enthusiast himself who has been keen about this field since his second year in engineering. Realizing his ambitions at a very young age itself, he aspired to start a robotics company along with Sahaya Foundation which was started to shelter orphans and do away with poverty. This modest attitude of his helped him gather a diverse and talented group of enthusiasts who are currently working on the Robocop which is to be released by the end of this year. Our principal and most foremost attainment are to create sensitivity regarding the benefits of robotics and automation and to maintain a synergy amongst industries, researchers and policy makers which would lead to a dramatic change and put us in the global market in this sector.